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Mobility Package:
Learnings and next steps

EU’s new mobility package is in force, and we are starting to get some learnings about the impact the wide-ranging set of initiatives have on freight and road transportation.

And now we want to share our learnings so far with you.

Watch this webinar…

…and learn more about the impact of the Mobility Package when we take stock of the implementation so far.

The Mobility Package is changing the transportation business in many ways – and it will impact container logistics as we know it.

For instance, it will impact the European transport market’s capacity and limit the flexibility we used to have. Add to that; the different rules will take into effect at different times depending on the local authorities and their priorities.

We take stock of the situation and look at uncertainties, learnings and next steps. We’ve also invited Ulla Fabricius* into our webinar studio to give a short wrap-up on the regulations that are implemented and the learnings so far from a legal perspective.

During this session, we will take a closer look at

  • the ups and downs of the Mobility Package
  • the control regimes on the different markets
  • which obstacles we will have to overcome in the near future
  • how to navigate the new regulations

*Ulla Fabricius is heading Njord Law Firm’s team of dedicated transport specialists, and she has an in-depth legal insight into the transport industry and, in particular, the Mobility Package.

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