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The Future of Green Transportation

Get up to speed with the latest developments within green transportation with electric trucks and get to know some of your current options for carbon neutral transportation

Watch this webinar…

…and learn more about how electric trucks shape the future of green transportation

The future of green transportation is electric

Watch this webinar where we have invited Head of Department “Zero Emission” at Volvo, Joakim Nilsson, for a discussion on some of the trends and current options within green transportation. Today transportation is responsible for around 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU – of which heavy-duty vehicles account for 5%. Needless to say, the urgency to find more sustainable measures to transportation is apparent.

The good news is that a lot of good forces are working on alternatives for the industry – and that you already have green transportation alternatives available. This will be our main focus for this event and Joakim will share some insight on how Volvo is working on electric vehicles for the heavy-duty transportation industry.

During this seminar we will take a look at:

Trends and demands for the future of heavy-duty transportation
Electric trucks as an alternative – also at Ancotrans!
Practicalities around transportation by electric vehicles – suitable types of transports, charging time, access to charging, range etc.
Advantages of electric trucks
Prices and available subsidy schemes in Denmark, Sweden and Germany
Green transportation alternatives – carbon offsetting as a current option

Meet the hosts

The webinar is hosted by Mogens Røigaard, Arne Kraeft and Daniel Karlsson from Ancotrans who is joined by Joakim Nilsson from Volvo. Together they will lead you through an energetic discussion about the future of green transportation.

  • Joakim Nilsson
  • Head of Department
    Zero Emission, Volvo